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If you've got an event that needs tickets, we've got you covered.

Download our info pack for more details, or drop us an email at info@sparkseat.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Services

Online Ticket Sales

Sell tickets online through our online box office and your own website up to 1 hour before the event starts. Payments made online will incur a small charge to cover card handling fees, which can either be passed on to the customer as a small booking fee or we can take a small percentage of your takings.

The rates charged for each of these models are calculated on a case-by-case basis, and are largely based on ticket prices.

Sell On The Door

Our team can set up a box office in the venue for your event where walk-in customers can purchase tickets, and previous bookings can be checked, paid for (in the case of reservations), updated and reprinted if required. We'€ll assist with front of house operations and then pack up shortly after the event has begun.

This service is covered by a fee which varies to suit the requirements of the event.

Guest List

If you don't need to sell tickets on the day of your event, instead of using the mobile app to admit customers, it is possible to print off a guest list or view it on a mobile device. You can then easily tick attendees off the list as they arrive.

Presales Box Office

This option allows you to sell tickets before your event in person at a mobile box office. Tickets can be sold and reserved using our web-based console from any computer with an internet connection.

This service is freely available to any company wishing to use it.

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Feel free to drop us an email at info@sparkseat.com for more information.