20 February 2016

Tea-Duelling Competition

Some Kind of Theatre and Carslake Tea Company proudly present Edinburgh's first ever tea-duelling competition!

Come and try tea-duelling: a steampunk sport which adds a competitive edge to the ancient and noble art of tea drinking and biscuit eating.
In teams, or as individuals, challengers must use courage, skill, judgement, and a little luck to dunk biscuits into cups of tea and be the last person to ‘nom’ the whole thing before their biscuit crumbles. Victory (and prizes) will go to those brave duellists who can push the boundaries of biscuit physics to its tea-soaked limits.

Tea not your thing? The tournament will be followed by a pub quiz afterwards with only one round about tea (we promise).

Bring a team, your wits, and your courage!

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Dates and Times

  • Saturday 20th February, 19:30
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