4 December 2017

Charity Cheese and Wine Night

Pretending to be classy has never been so virtuous.

Want a chilled evening to take your mind of exam pressure? Want to be self-indulgent but also want to be a good person? Come pop in to SaniTree’s Charity Cheese & Wine Night in the Baird House common room.

SaniTree is a project set up just this year by students at Edinburgh University. We are seeking to address poor menstrual hygiene in developing countries, in a way that is socially economically and environmentally sustainable. We are doing this by setting up micro-finance initiatives in two locations in Kenya and India. We will have women in leadership roles, producing sanitary pads for their local communities that are made from eco-friendly materials.

Our projects are launching in January 2018. Please help us raise money to fund our brainchild!

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Dates and Times

  • Monday 4th December, 20:00
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