Sparkseat welcome week show
12 September 2017

Welcome Week 2017: Candlewasters

One show with four brilliant short plays all written by students at Edinburgh University!

These are just some of our favourites from Candlewasters shows from the past year which you can come enjoy. From thought provoking drama to absurd comedies, there are no limits to what you can submit and have performed on the Bedlam stage!

The titles that will be performed are: ‘Belly of the Beast’ by Louis Hall ‘The Last General Meeting of the Best British Badger Brigade’ by Zoe Robertson ‘Stewart Konisberg’s Bete Noir’ by Scott Redmond ‘Girlfriends’ by Thomas Futter

If you want to learn more about Candlewasters and how you can get involved, visit our Facebook page at

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Dates and Times

  • Tuesday 12th September, 19:30
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