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18 - 21 March 2015

Vive La Résistance

“Perhaps this is a bedtime story. But I cannot sleep. I’m waiting for the post.”

The Nazis bear ever closer as five allied soldiers sit down to a civilised meal. A young girl watches, over and over. A terrible secret waits in the trembling hands of a farmer’s wife. There are no allies left on this earth.

Following the immense success of his piece Grim, Ian Culleton’s Vive la Résistance is far removed from the world of fairytales. Set in soon-to-be-liberated Vichy France, the show follows an evening spent with five allied soldiers through the eyes of Marie, a 16-year old victim of the true horrors of war. In the face of Nazi invasion, double-crossing informants and savage guerilla warfare, Vive la Résistance asks what it means to be ‘un homme bon’, in a world ravaged by war.

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Dates and Times

  • Wednesday 18th March, 19:30
  • Thursday 19th March, 19:30
  • Friday 20th March, 19:30
  • Saturday 21st March, 19:30
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