2 - 6 February 2016

The Pillowman

Tell me a story

The Pillowman revolves around a writer, named Katurian, who is being questioned by two detectives in a totalitarian state. His stories, which are dark and cruel, often depicting violence against children, resemble a recent group of child murders. His interrogators, Ariel and Tupolski, believe that Katurian is responsible, comparing his stories to the copycat murders. Story upon story is told as the evening progresses, merging fact and fiction as the horrific truth of Katurian and his brother’s past is revealed.

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Dates and Times

  • Tuesday 2nd February, 19:30
  • Wednesday 3rd February, 19:30
  • Thursday 4th February, 19:30
  • Friday 5th February, 19:30
  • Saturday 6th February, 19:30
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