Bedlam festival 2015
20 - 23 January 2015

Poems About Things

A play with ninjas, postboxes, jellyfish, the first female president of Namibia and poetry. What more could you ask for? Nothing, that’s what.

Poems About Things is the story of Dan, a surprisingly dull protagonist, trying to get over the love of his life, Jane. They meet at an amateur poetry night, accompanied by Keith (unloved), Olivia (doesn’t know who the Suffolk strangler is), Susan (sadistic) and Michael (undiagnosed). As Dan attempts to woo Jane with references to halitosis, God and Jesus appear to discuss the ethics of religion. There are more musical numbers than you might expect and the props are surprisingly animate. You’ll come for the poems, you’ll stay for the things.

An original comedy by Scott Redmond (Big Brother applicant).

Part of the Bedlam Festival 2015

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Dates and Times

  • Tuesday 20th January, 17:30
  • Friday 23rd January, 17:30
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