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I am yours and you are mine.

Equus is perhaps the most successful play in Broadway history. Thankfully Daniel Radcliffe has popularised it once more with our generation although its themes will always be relevant to the modern world. The plot revolves around the relationship between Alan Strang, a boy in his late teens and Dr. Martin Dysart, a child psychiatrist. Alan, a seemingly normal person, was charged with the blinding of six horses with a hoof pick at the stable where he worked. The play explores religion and ritual sacrifice; Alan worships horses and furthermore confuses his sexual attraction with adoration of Equus, the Horse God. More importantly, the play examines the age old question of normality. Dysart is conflicted for the duration of the play because he knows that by treating this boy, destroying his passion for horses, he will be destroying his life. Dysart himself feels no strong emotions to anything and cannot bear to make Alan ‘normal’ like him, forever unhappy with mediocrity and without passion. He says “Normal is the good smile in a child’s eye but it is also the dead stare in a million adults”. How can he begin to treat this boy?

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