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11 - 12 March 2015

Edgar and Annabel

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?

Edgar and Annabel is a play about suspicion, underground terrorism, and love.

Edgar and Annabel are a couple who seem to have the perfect life, only they don’t exist. Every day Nick and Marianne live a scripted life. The resistance fighters must follow a script of life, in their own homes, while they secretly plot a revolution against the Orwellian regime.

The play raises questions about the conflict between the public and the private self. In such an environment where do those boundaries end? And where do they begin? As the agents strive for the freedom of all, their personal freedom is put to the test.

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Dates and Times

  • Wednesday 11th March, 19:30
  • Thursday 12th March, 19:30
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