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25 November 2015

Arthur Savile's Crime

Who whould you kill if you knew you had to?

Loosely based on the short story by Oscar Wilde, Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller’s Arthur Savile’s Crime follows university student Arthur, who is told one night by a mysterious new acquaintance that there is murder in his future… Arthur of course does not believe the soothsayer’s prophecy at first, but as other predictions begin to come true, Arthur buckles down and starts brainstorming who to kill. It’s funny, (or meant to be), quite quite dark, a real black comedy. Who would you kill?

A note from the Front of House Manager: Tickets for all three shows in the Fresher Slots of 2015 can be bought for a discounted £6.00 at the door on Nov 25 at Bedlam Theatre.

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  • Wednesday 25th November, 19:30
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