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21 January 2018

Musae: Edinburgh

EUAC's Tone Up present America's leading contemporary female vocal band, Musae

Musae is the leading female contemporary vocal band on the American scene, and will be one of the headline acts at the 2018 London A Cappella Festival.

Comprised of a cappella superstars from New York, LA, Boston, and Houston, these women move audiences all over the world with their fresh, fierce sound. Musae is home to veterans of NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” Pop TV’s “Sing It On”, the popular film “Pitch Perfect 2”, ICCA champions, and skilled music instructors and audio engineers. Musae has headlined some of the most prominent music festivals both in the U.S. and abroad. Through world-class performances, award-winning recordings, and industry-leading workshops, Musae seek to inspire and educate young artists and performers everywhere to create music and spread harmony.

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  • Sunday 21st January, 20:30
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