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A Verbatim Piece on Student Mental Health

“When I’m in the midst of an episode, whether it lasts for hours or months, one of the most terrifying aspects is the fact that it’s in me, it’s inside my head and I can’t escape it” In a world where suffering is seen as part of life, students are told that their struggles are make-believe, and the taboo subject of mental health problems are still being swept under the rug, more and more people are beginning to speak up about their experiences with mental illness. Mind-Full is a verbatim exploration of real life accounts of students’ mental health, discussing issues such as eating disorders, social anxiety, masculinity and mental health and suicidal thoughts. The extracts taken from interviews and written submissions are a compelling insight into the daily struggles of students who suffer from mental health problems, while reaffirming that their illness does not define them.

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  • Tuesday 14th November, 19:00
  • Sunday 19th November, 19:00
  • Monday 20th November, 19:00
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