7 August 2015

Almost an Evening

Irreverent, thoughtful, obscene, provocative and totally absurd. These are just a few words to describe this unlikely triplet of one-act plays by Ethan Coen, of the highly acclaimed film-making team The Coen Brothers.

In Almost an Evening Ethan Coen focuses in three one-act plays, on the lighter side of hell, both on earth and in the beyond.

In ‘waiting’ a man sits for an interminably long time in a waiting room in the vain hope of being accepted into heaven. Next In a complete about face, in ‘four benches’ a British agent begins to have doubts about his professional life after an unfortunate incident in a sauna. Finally in ‘debate’ we are given the contrasting perspectives of two gods as to how we humans should really approach religion.

Hilarious, ridiculous and full of every twist imaginable, Ethan Coen gives comic relief to the deeper questions with a tone that eventually says who the f#ck knows anyway!

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  • Friday 7th August, 00:00
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